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HAPPY FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT is an independent distribution company created in 2018 based in a major pole of the animation industry of France, in Toulouse.

Happy Family’s goal is to provide meaningful, high-quality television content dedicated to the entire family. From animated series for kids (3 to 10 years old) to live-action series for teenagers and their parents, everything to entertain and make every family happy!

The company is led by two dynamic and highly driven entrepreneurs, Mr. Laurent POURRUT and Mrs. Zsuzsanna NEMETH, who have run other successful content distribution companies for several years.

Laurent is the CEO and owner of Fighting Spirit, European leader of fighting sports content distribution and well established worldwide since 2004. He alsoco-owns the company Ninja E-Sports, distributing e-sport content worldwide.

Zsuzsanna leads Ladies First Distribution, which has been created in 2013 and works on the worldwide distribution of a mostly lifestyle oriented, non-fictional catalogue.

Besides the wide network and the professional background behind the company, Happy Family is also the creation of young parents who wish to use their expertise for the sake of children and families and expend their portfolio with a company focusing on that target.

Happy Family’s growing catalogue includes entertaining shows from pre-school age to teenagers, and for the whole family, with educational values, real messages and lovely characters.

Happy Family works worldwide and distributes to all platforms, TV channels, Free TV, Pay TV, linear and non-linear, IPTV, VOD, OTT, inflight etc., all around the globe.

At this stage of its development, Happy Family primarily is looking for international rights to ready-made programming and also considers content in the development stage, to work on the complete strategy of the IP’s. Comedy, drama and adventure are areas of interest, plus any genre appropriate for the entire family.

Co-founder General Manager of Ladies First Distribution

Zsuzsanna Nemeth

General Manager of Ladies First Distribution
Co-founder CEO & founder of Fighting Spirit

Laurent Pourrut

CEO & founder of Fighting Spirit